31 gennaio, 2011

Confermato: Anastacia e Gigi D'Alessio

Ciao a tutti freaaaks!!! Callum ha postato un' intervista che ha fatto lui stesso alla nostra Ana:
Hello everybody Freaks!!! Callum posted an interview in which you can find his own questions to Ana:

What themes are you hoping to include in your new album and are you going to try something new for some songs?
Hmmmmm, I am feeling inspired by my remixes… I think my voice could work really well with a club sounding vibe…

Are you going to join a record label again?
Gosh, I hope so!!! The music business had changed so dramatically in the last 5yrs… I feel grateful that I have been able to do interesting and creative projects while labelless like Here Come The Girls and the recent shows I did with the Belgium artist Natalia… I have my fingers crossed for a future cd release!!!

What is your personal favourite of your many image changes? Are you going to adapt another look for the next album?
I tried something different on the last cd… I had just gotten married, had a stronger sense of femininity shining through me at that time... I feel a resurgence of some of the old me now that I am single again and have sort of found a way to stay true to the strong side of myself and yet with a touch of the “lady”…

Will you ever sing How Come The World Won't Stop, Where Do I Belong or other songs you've never done before live?
I never say never!!! I don’t have any immediate plans for those songs... I am doing a duet with an Italian artist on Feb 14th at Radio City Music Hall in Ny that will be televised a few weeks after. It is a song that Elvis made a worldwide hit in the 1960’s called Surrender... We will sing this with a 45 piece orchestra and I never even thought I would do something like this sooo one never knows!!!

Is there anything coming up that you can talk about that we don't know about?
Ohhh gosh, there are some exciting things that I am not quite able to mention yet…I have plans to keep trying to do performances that my amazingly devoted fans can have access to come see like sooo many have done for these Natalia shows…

What do you prefer your fans to call you for short?
I really like my name, Anastacia… of course what has seemed to catch a theme on Twitter, I’m not mad at the nickname Queen... hee hee hee

What are you hoping happens in terms of your career within the next year?
I would love to know I was planning my own tour!!!!

Why were you in the studio with Duncan? Were you recording a song for their album or for another reason?
We became friends while doing the competition show in the UK called Don’t Stop Believing…He was in LA for some work stuff including a writing/studio session. He asked me to stop by and hang out and we all got a bit creative and came up with something which who knows if it will land on anyone's album but it was so much fun to be a part of!!

Is there any news on the reality show you were talking about?
Nothing as of now… lots of things are up in the air at the moment so I will have to see which projects land on the ground… I think it would be loads of fun to do a reality show but it also requires lots of access to my personal life and that is something to consider before deciding to say a firm yes to…


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RESOCONTO: Da quanto si è appreso Anastacia canterà il 14 Gennaio con Gigi D'Alessio ;)
TO SUM UP: Anastacia will sing with Gigi D'Alessio on 14th January!
Andrea ;)