28 febbraio, 2012

Messaggio + foto

Ciao a tutti freaaks! Ecco cosa è appena comparso sul sito ufficiale della nostra Anastacia:

Love from london
Hey everyone, had a great show in London and as you can see the weather wasn't so bad either. I did perform my new SPROCK version of the song WCWD which I call... 'Deeper Love'.

Haven't performed a new song in a long time,, felt Great!

Che bella che è!!! Ha cantato la versione SPROCK di What Can We Do!! Bene bene!

Andrea ;)

Hello Freaks!!!! How are you??? as you can see Anastacia has sent us an Amazing pic from London!! She said that for the singing a new song after long time has been an honour! We are waiting for the Sprock Version od WCWD!!