05 novembre, 2010

Nuovo messaggio

Ciao a tutti freaks! Anastacia ci ha mandato un messaggio =) :

Look out Twitter, Here I come!!!!
Yes, finally I will be tweeting soon!!! I am really excited and hopefully by next week I'll be send some daily goings on your way!!!

I have spent the last two days in Belgium doing promotion with Natalia....We have 5 shows on sale and we hope to get to at least 8!!! Included here is a pic of us two!!!(-:
This show is going to be incredible!!! Natalia and I have such great chemistry.....I have developed an amazing friendship already.....I love how are voices sound together!!!!
We finalised the set list as well and Boy OH Boy is it going to be Spockaliscious!!!!!!

I am on the euro star heading to London......I love the train!!!

I begin official rehearsals with the two other Here Come The Girl Diva's on Friday and can't wait!!!!
There have been some changes to the last set list along with a LIVE band in place of the dancers which I am so excited about!!! To be able to have the chance to sing these many historical songs with the superbly talented band that we are so lucky to have with us on tour will be the best pre-holiday treat I could imagine!!!

I'm a little nervous with a short period of rehearsal time but I'm sure having the support and encouragement from the two other ladies will subside the butterflies in my tummy!!!
I know I will be seeing many of you guys in Basel next week...Yipeeee!!!!

I miss everyone and can't wait to get on the road to get filled with the love and support that only YOU, MY fan-ily can !!!!


Anastacia si farà Twitter =) =) Evvvaiii! ;)

Andrea ;)