22 marzo, 2011


Ciao a tutti freaaaks! Rieccomi!!! Ora vi riporto alcuni messaggi che la nostra Anastacia ha scritto oggi:

Hello every body Freaks!!!!! Here I am!!! you can find some Ana's tweets:

Just had a hard physical therapy for my neck. Ugh! It sucks getting old. Haha.

I like this life motto! Triple Digits!!!!!!!! Good one. RT @19devildog89: @AnastaciaFanily You're not old until you hit triple digits lol

Freak is having a sad day. ☹. I am so scared to loose him. I can't protect him from the pain. http://yfrog.com/h7mqeybj

Freak is on steroids to help fight the cancer, yet the drugs are hard on their system too.

Thanks sweetheart. RT @Lady_Lynn_1: @AnastaciaFanily I wish I am able to help you!!! Big huge from me! Nina

I thank U all 4 your strength & support always. Your love & kindness is truly inspiring. So Good morning/Good night/ to all my fanily.

Hey girl, its Anastacia. I did cupping from my acupuncturist I know about bruises. I loved it. RT @CheazaCheaza: ... http://tmi.me/7XvZK

Thanks dude. We need all the love and support from everyone. RT @dafreaky79: @AnastaciaFanily just sending you and ... http://tmi.me/7XAUY

Come potete vedere il povero freak sta prendendo dei "farmaci" per il tumore!

Inoltre sappiamo, grazie ad un suo messaggio di qualche giorno fa, che sta preparando nuovo materiale (intende musica) e un grande progetto per il 2011/2012

We know,from a tweet posted few days ago,that she is working on new stuffs and on a big project for 2011/2012
Saty tuned

Al prossimo aggiornamento ;)

Andrea e Federica