23 giugno, 2011

Summer Sound Festival

Ciao freaaaaks! Eheheh 22:55!! Ecco a voi 4 bellissime foto della nostra Ana sul palco:
Ecco anche l'immagine del palco : QUI

Qui la setlist:
1. Why'd You Lie To Me
2. Sick And Tired
3. Rearview
4. You'll Never Be Alone
5. I Call It Love
6. Welcome To My Truth
7. Paid My Dues
8. Pieces Of A Dream
9. I Belong To You
10. Underground Army
11. Not That Kind
12. One Day In Your Life
13. I'm Outta Love
14. Heavy Rotation
15. Left Outside Alone

-Anastacia revealed that she´ll probably sing a 'new song'!
-The new song was "Back in Black" by ACDC and was only played by her band when she changed clothes!!!!!! Thanks to Anastacia Official fc
-La nostra Ana ha cambiato da una decina di minuti abito:
Short shirt, Leather trousers, no sunglasses and hair down!!! Thanks to COFAPT

Andrea ;)