25 aprile, 2012


Ciao a tutti freaaks! Ecco cosa ha scritto Anastacia poche ore fa su Twitter:
1-Check out my Luv nails. Makes me smile. Have you made someone smile today?

2- Expect a video blog end of week, Maybe you can get horny? Guess Why?

3-No, u dnt pay attention;) I said,ive New management Team. Many things 2 come w/ the change. RT @sprockanastacia: @AnastaciaFanily u forgot 2 giv us the news u promised last week?

4-ive 2 say that the vocal acrobats Deepr luv remind me of LOA. since LOA RT @AaronGamelli: @AnastaciaFanily since LOA is ur ulti mate power ballad do U think deeper luv is as vocally impressive? The notes wr so amazing in LOA.

Bene, bene!! Nel fine settimana ci sarà un video blog! Inoltre nell'ultimo twitt ha affermato che Deeper Love le ricorda Left Outside Alone per certi vocalizzi e tonalità!

Andrea ;)