26 aprile, 2012


Ciao a tutti freaaaks! Ecco a voi gli ultimi twitt della nostra Queen:

1-Check out the great cake Freak's Gaddies made him. Tiffany's Box!!! Holler

2- I try 2 keep leather jackets as long as possible,, they get better with age--like ME! RT @FreakLiisa: @AnastaciaFanily aww U R looking sooooo cute <3 btw is that the jacket U've worn while the 'heavy rotation'tour?
3-That makes it too easy! RT @debbiemorris60: @AnastaciaFanily Help us out Chuck... Which Album is the re-recorded track off ;)
4-Ah????!!!! Good question! Your getting close to find out my freaks ;P RT @anastaciatribe: @AnastaciaFanily but...why you're re-recording an old song?
5-Oh gosh debbers needs a vacation haha RT @debbiemorris60: @AnastaciaFanily HORNY!! Mmm, Ok so what comes to mind Chuck is Freak and Goats!! Oh that sounds not good!! hehe... I mean Freak or Goats ;)
6-She says Thanks kiddo ;) RT @Kaye1Jaye: @COFAPT @AnastaciaFanily Wow she looks fantastic!
 7-RT @AnastaciaNew: Gd girls @AnastaciaFanily & @AnastaciaNew getting 535"likes"+43"shares"onR Fb.page1day;proud fantastic team,great job;) http://t.co/5Hy84M0T 8-I appreciate that.
8- Thanks :D RT @AaronGamelli: @AnastaciaFanily I appreciate that your real, there are no games and ur story is truth, where you overcome all obstacles and rise to stand

Andrea ;)