10 maggio, 2012

Great news

Ciao a tutti freaaaks! Come sapete la nostra Anastacia ha dovuto annullare l'apparizione a Verona poichè deve registrare... Oggi si è scusata nuovamente in alcuni twitt:

-I cn only say how sry i'm 2 cancel Verona. I rlly have no choice in ths. I truly am sry 4 all who have lost so much.
-Trying but I h8 2 disappoint my fans. I know they will luv the reason y I had 2 pull out of a gig. RT @debbiemorris60: @AnastaciaFanily Keep yr chin up Chuck! ;-)

Great neeewws!! Indovinate un pò? :P Anastacia ha risposto ad un fan affermando che ha già dato un titolo al nuovo album!! Leggete qui tutti i twitt relativi al nuovo album:

-Yes I do have the name ;) but thx RT @DeboraSprock: @anastaciafanily have U alrdy decide the name??We cn help U if U wnt

 -I prefer come through. RT @The_MaxTaylor: @AnastaciaFanily Will your new album be an official comeback album?

-Today had a good studio day. Look for a 'special' person in a pic soon. RT @IvanaNemec: @AnastaciaFanily what are you doing lately?

 -Doing both. Very creative and busy. RT @debbiemorris60: @AnastaciaFanily Hello Chuck,This studio work yah doing, is it all for your album or 4 your other stuff thats going on!! ;-)

 -Yes yes yes :D RT @ghetto_luxury: @AnastaciaFanily is there a new album coming?

Bene bene... A quanto pare si trova a buon punto!!!

Andrea ;)